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Dragonlord of the e'Kieron lineage. Father of Aliera e'Kieron, whose mother was Verra. Adron was the Dragon heir to the Imperial throne during the reign of Tortaalik. Duke of Eastmanswatch, Count of Korio and Sky, and later, Baron of Pepperfield.


Adron was the Dragon Heir at the very beginning of Tortaalik's Reign, and was made Heir again at some point before the Interregnum after a Conspiracy between the Sorceress in Green, Sethra the Younger and Baritt discredited the previous Heir, K'laiyer e'Lanya.

He was a highly successful military commander, leading his Breath of Fire Battalion to victory in the Kanefthali mountains, in the War of Three Sieges, as well as in suppressing the Whitecrest Uprising.

Adron also helped Khaavren negotiate a peace treaty with the Easterner Crionofenarr during an encounter on the Pepperfields.

At some point, Adron apparently had a liaison with the goddess Verra, resulting in the birth of his daughter Aliera, shortly after the encounter on the Pepperfields.

Adron is best known for his role in the destruction of Dragaera City, and, indeed, the Empire itself, at the end of Tortaalik's reign. Declaring himself a rebel, Adron and his Breath of Fire Battalion attacked Dragaera City, which was defended by the Imperial Army (under the command of the Warlord Rollondar e'Drien, Adron's brother-in-law). The Lavodes also participated in the fight against Adron.

Illegally reviving the banned Elder Sorcery and constructing a powerful spell with it, Adron unsuccessfully attempted to seize the Orb from then-Emperor Tortaalik of House Phoenix. He died in the subsequent eruption of amorphia, commonly referred to as Adron's Disaster, which created the Lesser Sea of Chaos in the plain where Dragaera City had been, and ushered in the Interregnum. Some believe that Adron is not entirely dead, his consciousness remaining tied to the Lesser Sea.

It should be noted that Adron's attempt to seize the Orb probably failed only because, in an unlikely coincidence, the Emperor was assassinated at the same moment by Mario. Of course, much like his nephew Morrolan e'Drien, Adron would never be one to use this as an excuse for failure. In fact, his final words seem to confirm this attitude: "Don't tell them that I meant well."

Current Events[]

It has been revealed that his consciousness remains within the Lesser Sea, granting him a certain influence over its 'capabilities'.



"Don't tell them that I meant well."