Lyorn Records

Állam was the sword of the King of Fenario.

As told in Brokedown Palace, it was said to have been sent by Verra, the Demon Goddess as a death boon for Fenarr, founder of Fenario. Legend says on the day of Fenarr's death, the sword was found in place of his body.

The sword was tied to the Kingship as strongly as (or even more strongly than) the crown. (Állam is Fenarian for "State" or "Realm")[1] If anyone besides the King used Állam without permission, he would be considered a traitor or usurper - even (or perhaps especially) a King's son; the penalty for doing so was death.

It is noted that those who wielded Állam were often driven into a berserker-like killing frenzy; killing even those who were on their own side. When László—the last King of Fenario to wield Állam—used it against those defending the Tree, he found himself unable to prevent Állam from striking Vilmos again and again, ever more viciously.

Állam served Fenario for nearly a thousand years time, before it was broken in two during the destruction of the Old Palace.

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